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  5/23/15 Canandaigua 3rd
  5/20/15 Canandaigua DNQ
  5/16/15 Canandaigua 9th
  5/9/15 Canandaigua 16th
  5/2/15 Canandaigua 11th
  10/11/14 Rolling Wheels 18th
Starts: 5
Wins: 0
Top 5's: 1
Top 10's: 2
Top 15's: 3
DNF's: 0
5/30/15 Canandaigua
6/6/15 Canandaigua
6/13/15 Canandaigua
6/20/15 Canandaigua
6/27/15 Canandaigua
7/2/15 Canandaigua